Playlist vom 11./14.02.2008


Interpret:TitelCD/Vinyl/Digital Release
Merge:Lost in eternity (Fictional Remix)V.A. / World of Synthpop 3
De/Vision:I'm not dreaming of youBest Of
!Distain:Confessions (The Dust of Basement Remix)Synthphony Remixed
Bossanova:Stonecold (Single Edit)Stonecold (Single)
Bangbros:I engineer (Club Mix)Bangerland
Bangbros:Children of the world (Happy Oldschool Mix)Bangerland
Blutonium Boy:Sounds like thisHardstyle Dimension
Technoboy:Into deep (Club Mix)Into Deep (Vinyl)
Yamin feat. Marcie:So tired (Airbase Remix)So Tired (Single)
Claire Voyant:Iolite (Trancelite)V.A. / World of Synthpop 3
Art of Trance:Gloria (Transparent Mix)V.A. / The History of Trance Vol.2
Violet Arcana:The world insideV.A. / Electrocity Level 6 - by Ecki Stieg
Gudrun Gut & Inga Humpe:ButterflyMembers of the Ocean Club
Neuroticfish:VelocityV.A. Zillo Club-Hits Vol.6
VNV Nation:HonourV.A. / We Came to Dance - Indie Dancefloor Vol.11
Covenant:The men (Live)V.A. / Zillo Dark Summer 2007 Vol.2
Massiv in Mensch:Clubber langClubber Lang
Diorama:Mutant cityV.A. / Zillo Dark Summer 2007 Vol.2
Echo Image:Like a childCompuphonic
Akanoid:Usual freakCocktail Pop
Sombre View:Against the tideV.A. / Shot Version 2.0


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